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The Pillars of Functional Medicine

To analyse your history and your goals. We will talk about your diet, physical activity, how you relate to others to take care of the mind, stress, sleep, exposure to certain toxins, etc.

Functional Nutrition

The role of nutrition in well-being and reduced risk of certain diseases or physical conditions.

Mindfulness, Stress Management & Yoga

Mind-body medicine and stress management.

Positive Psychology

We will use the PERMA model, your values and character strengths as a motor for change.

The Science of Coaching & Behaviour Design

These techniques will allow you to know yourself better, establish your vision of optimal health and build a personalized plan you can maintain and modify beyond the Health Coaching process.

What is a health coach?

A health coach is an expert in lifestyle medicine; in other words, a coach who focuses on all the factors that influence wellbeing, longevity and long-lasting health:

- Diet,

- Sleep,

- Physical exercise,

- Stress management,

- Aligning actions with values.

Health coaching is a well-established profession in the United States and the United Kingdom, where health coaching is part of the National Health Service (NHS) preventive medicine plan. A health coach is an expert in behaviour change and can guide you in creating long-lasting habits to achieve total well-being.

Throughout our lives, we will face challenging moments, changes and unforeseen events. Having our priorities and values straight and relying on ironclad habits will protect our health and will provide us with the emotional resilience required to take on the challenges that we will need to face sooner or later.

The process is definitely worth it; I will help you identify the lifestyle factors that negatively impact your health…And, by that same token, what can positively affect your health! And, ultimately, your life. Throughout our sessions, you will get to know yourself better and learn what “caring” for yourself means so that your body, mind and emotions can follow suit.

The Health Coaching process is probably for you if you…

- Experience a constant feeling of stress and urgency

- Feel stress controls your day-to-day

- Are sometimes low on spirits and morale

- Suffer from poor sleep and unwanted pounds

- Have trouble concentrating and fatigue

- Are taking more medication than you’d like,

- Want to know how to care for your health or improve current ailments through lifestyle,

- Spend more hours sitting than you’d prefer,

- Desire to get to know yourself better and understand what values motivate you,

- Want to discover just how far your energy, strength and stamina can take you

Be ready to get to work and make changes, some tiny and some significant changes. It’ll entirely depend on you. I’ll help you create a plan, keep you accountable for your progress, and encourage you throughout the process. At the end of this process, you’ll discover a version of yourself you cannot begin to imagine today.

How I can help

To start, I’m well aware of the conditions and demands of your job. I will not be surprised by anything you tell me. What’s more, I’m a certified Functional Medicine Health Coach. Functional medicine has taught me to always look for the root cause of any health condition and to understand that our state of mind and everything we feel in our bodies are connected.

Health is much more than merely the absence of disease. I firmly believe we are all responsible for caring for our bodies and that with the proper tools and knowledge, we can understand what is ailing us, and change our habits for the better as we evolve to feel healthy and full of energy at each stage of our lives.

Together, we will design a plan customized just for you, we will work on maintaining your enthusiasm, and you’ll overcome your obstacles. Ultimately, you’ll feel that you’re in charge of your life and health once again.

Your work

Throughout our sessions, you’ll create your plan and put it to the test. If something doesn’t work, I’ll help you modify it and adapt it to your circumstances. This is the phase of gradual change and transformation! At the end of each session, you’ll have an action plan and resources adapted to your goals. We will review your plan in each session and discuss challenges, obstacles, solutions and new goals. If necessary, I’ll refer you to health professionals specialising in specific areas such as physical exercise, gut health, nutrition, etc.

Session 0

If you think health coaching can help you, we can start with an initial complimentary session where you can tell me about your goals and concerns and where I can explain how we can work together. If you embark on this adventure, I’ll provide exercises and propose exercises to help you define your objectives.

Your work

If you think health coaching can help you, we can start with an initial complimentary session where you can tell me about your goals and concerns and where I can explain how we can work together. If you embark on this adventure, I’ll provide exercises and propose exercises to help you define your objectives.

The Change

The Transition. Once you feel empowered with all the tools and knowledge you need, I’ll help with your transition to guiding your own journey so you can continue to evolve, living according to your vision of balance and well-being.You'll be able to move forward despite changes, obstacles and time. There will be lack of motivation and setbacks, but you will know how to rebuild your habits.

You, from a bird’s-eye-view

You’ll identify everything that works and doesn’t work in your life: your routines, the alignment between your values and actions, your diet, your physical health habits, your sleep, and your relationships. Prepare to know thyself!

Connecting the dots

Your primary care physician, nutritionist, physio, specialists… I can help you connect all the dots to understand how some health issues or imbalances lead to others, how to reverse these conditions with new lifestyle habits and when to ask for help. I’ll provide the sources of information that will help you make informed decisions to take up the reins of your health for the rest of your life.

Accountability Partner

Having a person to whom you’re accountable and who is your greatest support in your transformation journey is the key to success in generating the results that will reshape your lifestyle while prioritizing your health and care, for good.

You, in charge, for GOOD

My goal as a Health Coach is for you to have the necessary resources and knowledge so that once we reach the end of our journey working together, you can set your health objectives on your own and identify what works and what no longer serves you. Over and over again.


Together, we will design a unique goal plan with new healthy habits tailored just for you. In wellness, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. We’ll find the ideal lifestyle design for you.

We won’t leave anything to chance

Every one of our decisions and habits leaves an imprint on our health, from what we eat right to how we move, our relationships, the effects of stress, our outlook on life, our sleep, etc. We will examine all your habits, and you’ll decide which habits benefit you and which negatively impact your well-being.

Your Lifestyle Design Expert

I’ve learned from experts like BJ Fogg or James Clear, both of whom advocate for human behavioural change through tiny, attainable habits. We will base your goals on this approach. It’s nonsensical for your health or overarching goals, perhaps unattainable, to make you feel overwhelmed or anxious. You’ll learn to develop new habits while leaving those that no longer serve you to the wayside and to course-correct independently.

I’m all ears

You’ll have a safe space to express anything you’d like to talk about, or that concerns you at your own pace, free of judgment, until you identify all the areas you need to improve to achieve your goals and truly feel good.

Support during the highs & lows

There will be obstacles, loss of motivation, setbacks, and brand-new dreams. It’s common. This is how habits work. We will see where the blockages reside and eliminate them together so you can start anew. This approach aims to prepare you to move on independently once the process comes to an end.

The process is adapted to your lifestyle.

We're all limited by time scarcity, professional demands, families we'd like to care for and little free time to enjoy. Don't expect strict diets, Olympic training programmes or impossible morning routines. It's about creating a new lifestyle so you can lead a calmer and more vibrant, energetic life.

They have trusted us
The best thing about working with Elisa is that she perfectly understands both the wine sector and those of us who work in it. It's not necessary to waste time explaining that we love our work so much that we end up not setting limits, taking things personally, looking for everything to be perfect in an imperfect world, investing our free time in studying to excel at what we do and, ultimately , turning a passion and a profession into something unhealthy. She knows this industry, she knows our whys and, most importantly, what we should do to live in balance with our profession.