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Putting a band-aid on stress doesn´t work.

When someone begins a Health Coaching process, they want to change a situation that brings symptoms and discomfort and they know they can change it by modifying their lifestyle: weight gain, poor sleep, low stamina, bad mood and irritability, nervousness and little patience, poor digestions, etc. I mostly work with professionals whose symptoms are usually caused by chronic stress. In all cases, we work on that stress to begin to resolve symptoms, but due to my functional approach as a Health Coach my duty is to start with the root cause of the problems. Putting a band-aid on stress doesn´t work.

Each person experiences stress in a unique way and understanding the sources that cause it can be complicated, depending on the self-assessment work that each person has done, and this can lengthen the process.

So, when I learned about The Stress Map tool, created by the Zinquo Institute and developed together with one of the world's leading experts in chronic stress, Simon Dolan, I didn't hesitate for a moment: it was the tool I needed for my clients to understand their relationship with stress. After completing the certification and testing the tool, I am really excited to see the results: using what is esentially a game, in a 2-3 hour session each person can identigy their psychological and physical symptoms, we can recognize a Burnout syndrome, identify the sources (including a type A, prone-to-stress personality), the modulators that attenuate or increase stress and finally, the person can create a unique action plan that helps them initiate the change towards resilience.

And, best of all, we can use the tool in groups or work teams to identify the behaviors or beliefs that are causing stress and create change among everyone in the organization.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm here to answer your questions!