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What is Functional Medicine?

As you know, I studied at the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Would you like to know why?

Personally, I’d love for functional medicine to be the standard of medical care due to its focus on every detail, and on treating the root cause and not just on suppressing symptoms.

The Institute of Functional Medicine® certifies doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, nurses and other medical health professionals. Despite the advances made by conventional medicine, functional medicine uses scientific research and an exhaustive patient-centred care evaluation approach to study the connection between the systems in the human body and how one symptom in one area of the body may originate in another system. Functional medicine also recognises that we belong to a more extensive physical and social environment and that our lifestyle has a tremendous impact on our health. Functional medicine is especially suited for chronic diseases and conditions closely associated with our lifestyle habits: autoimmune diseases, type 2 diabetes, hypertension, digestive and dermatological disorders, etc.

Behaviour change in habits is an integral part of patient treatment. Functional medicine relies on the work carried out by health coaches to support individuals to spark that transformation.

Together, we can work with your doctor or health professional to support and boost any treatment or recommendation.