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Well-being is a process, not a state of being. It’s an art we must craft our entire lives based on small gestures: every time you eat, every thought that helps calm you down and see life with a different perspective, every deep breath, every “thank you,” every time you choose to take the stairs or walk or simply get off your chair.


I do not believe in willpower but rather in a person’s values, and how these values impact their motivations.


I hate the phrase: “It’s my age”. Ageing does not necessarily cause illness. It is our habits that make us sick.


Developing a chronic illness is not part of our fate. Most chronic diseases are caused by lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle habits can improve our health and well-being by 85%.


To restore our well-being, we must consider our early biology: How did humans live 30,000 years ago? What did we eat and drink? How did we move? How did we live among our tribes? How did we sleep, and how did we rest?


My work is based on Functional Medicine: the relationship between all the systems in the human body, body-mind work, and every person’s individuality.


There is an optimal version of every human: full of energy and joy, a human who is calm, enjoys positive connections with others, and does gratifying work—being human means feeling good and enjoying our work, free time, and relationships.


We are responsible for our health: first, decide how you’d like to live and explore your true potential; second, read and contrast information and ideas; then, experiment; and lastly, savour the process!


Calm is our health’s greatest ally. Set calm as your highest goal and organize your life around it


Most health issues are caused by the foods we eat; inversely, the foods we eat can also solve most health issues.